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Let's see how much you know about Dalkey: 24 questions, a point for each, keep your own score and no cheating or googling...........


There are two lighthouses behind Dalkey Island, one close behind, the other much farther out. Name them. Answer
There is a sculpture of a pair of creatures in Dillon's Park. What are they? Answer
What local businessman ran a controversial bus service from Hyde Road to Dublin Airport? Answer
There are three buildings on Dalkey Island, what are they? Answer
Dalkey doesn't have any hotels currently but has had at least five, can you name them?
Martello Towers.  There are two in Dalkey.  Where are they? (bit of a trick question)
When double murder suspect Malcolm McArthur was found in the Attorney General's Apartment at Pilot View in 1982 how did Taoiseach Charles Haughey describe the situation? Answer
Who was the last owner of 'The Dalkey Island Hotel' and what is his connection with Royalty Answer
What Saint is associated with Dalkey? Answer
The steps opposite Strawberry Hill on Vico Road, leading to Torca Road are known locally as? Answer
What former Aston Villa and Ireland international once played for Dalkey United? Answer
Burton Road is better known locally by what name? Answer
Name the film starring Martin Sheen, filmed and set in Dalkey, adapted from the play by Hugh Leonard. Answer
'Vico Bathing Place' is better known by locals as what? Answer
'The Club' on Coliemore Road is owned and run by what family?
Two football clubs are headquartered at Hyde Park.  Name them. Answer
What was Dalkey's only Travel Agent, now gone, called? Answer
Where and what is 'The Flags'.
There are two Castles on Castle Street.  Can you name them?
Where is George Bernard Shaw's cottage?
The Obelisk on Killiney Hill dates from what year, is it: 1642, 1742 or 1842? Answer
Fitzgerald's Pub has a close association with which author? Answer
Mugs Cafe was formerly what? Answer
Give two former names for 'The Kings Inn'
Scores:  0-5 = Tourist,    5-15 = Blow-in,   15-20 = Here a while,   20-24 =  True Dalkeyite  

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